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ORLEN Ochrona Sp. z o.o.
​ORLEN Ochrona operates throughout the country providing comprehensive services related to the personnel and property security. The company specializes in serving the large industrial facilities, such as the Main Production Plant of PKN ORLEN SA, Trzebinia Refinery, Jedlicze Refinery or logistic sites, as well as municipal buildings, banks, schools and private properties. Within the company's business offer is the execution of monetary value transportation throughout the country.
ORLEN Ochrona also provides services in the range of technical security system, fire protection, the system of control and registration of working time and additional services, such as reception services. Affiliated to ORLEN Group, the company participates heavily in ensuring the safety of the oil industry throughout the country. The company hold specialized certificates of ISO 9001:2000, AQAP 2110:2006.

Since February 2009 ORLEN Ochrona has rented office space in the Administration Centre of PPPT in Plock.
More information on: www.orlenochrona.pl

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