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ORLEN Projekt S.A.
​ORLEN Projekt is one of the biggest and most experienced design offices in Poland. The company’s main clients are representatives of the industrial sector, in particular the refinery, petrochemical and chemical areas. ORLEN Projekt offers support at any stage of an investment undertaking, starting from the concept and design, through delivery chain, execution and start-up.

Thanks to its rich experience ORLEN Projekt is capable of designing in accordance with the ASME, ANSI, API, BS, DIN, AD Merkblatter, EN and GOST standards. All the services by ORLEN Projekt, provided both on its own or in co-operation with clients’ preferred contractors, are compliant with EU requirements
Since December 2005 ORLEN Projekt has rented office space in the Administration Centre of PPPT in Plock.

More information on: www.orlenprojekt.pl

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