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PCC Rokita S.A.
​PCC Rokita is one of the leading chemical companies in Poland. It is a member of PCC SE, a German company with its principal office in Duisburg. The Group operates in the international chemical, raw materials, transport, energy, coal, coke, petrol, plastics and metallurgy markets.
Over 400 products manufactured by PCC Rokita are used in the production of plastics and cosmetics, as well as in the construction industry, textiles, household and industrial chemicals. The company specializes in the production of polyether polyols used by the furniture and automotive industries. The wide product range of PCC Rokita also includes surface active agents (metalworking, civil, cellulose and agrochemical industries), chlorine and soda lye (cellulose, breweries, power plants and chemical industries), chlorobenzene (plastics, paints, varnishes and plant protection products), phosphorous derivatives (electrotechnics, electronics and telecommunication, construction and furniture manufacturing, transport and mining) and naphthalene derivatives (construction industry as a basic ingredient for manufacturing admixtures to concrete).

Since May 2006 PCC Rokita has rented office space in the Administration Centre of PPPT in Plock. The company is also commencing business at the investment ground No VIII.

More information on: www.rokita.com.pl

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