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Clients of the Plock Industrial and Technological Park

Hemex-Budownictwo offers a high quality building services as a general contractor, subcontractor or substitutionary investor.

ORLEN Ochrona operates throughout the country providing comprehensive services related to the personnel and property security.

OKZ HOLDING specializes in construction of large-capacity steel storage tanks and steel structures.

CKTiS is focused on specialized servicing and repairs to ensure the operational maintenance in companies.

PPB Alpex is a local company carrying all kinds of construction and assembly works in various industrial branches.

NEO-TEC operates in the mechanical, engineering and production sector in the area of renovation and modernization of critical machines applied in industry.

E-Integra specializes in consulting and implementations of IT solutions for the business market offering professional systems and IT service.

Energopol-Południe is a construction company operating mainly on the Polish market and providing services for a various scale construction projects...

PaChemTech operates in the chemical sector developing technology and manufacturing its own additive packages for gasoline, diesel oils, fuel oils and biofuels....


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