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Cluster initiatives
Płock Industrial and Technological Park is actively involved in many cluster initiatives. We have participated in the formation of the Mazovian Social Innovation Cluster. PPPT is a member of the Satellite and Space Engineering Cluster. We coordinate the activity and functioning of the Mazovian Chemical Cluster.

The purpose of the Mazovian Social Innovation Cluster is to create joint space of implementation and dissemination of social innovations in the field of social policy and vocational and education, higher education, business, labor, activation of local communities, as well as socio-economic studies and the activities of local government and public institutions. The cluster also operates for improving the transfer and diffusion of knowledge and innovation, creating "bridge" between science, business, public and social sectors and supporting various research and implementation projects. 

Satellite and Space Engineering Cluster was created upon the initiative of the Military Technical Academy in Warsaw. It is a group of enterprises and entities operating in the satellite and space engineering sector, conducting innovation activities, as well as research organizations and business support institutions, whose aim is to stimulate innovative activity by promoting intensive contacts, use of a common technological base in this area, sharing knowledge and experience, contributing to technology transfer, networking and dissemination of information among cluster partners.

Mazovian Chemical Cluster was established as a result of the meetings and work of the "chemistry sector group" in the systemic project of the Mazovia Provincial Government entitled "Support for cluster initiatives" within the activity of the Mazovian Network of Information-Advisory Centres for Innovation (MSODI). The main objective of the project was to stimulate the development of the idea of clustering through the support for the institutions involved in the implementation of cluster policy in relation to the diagnosed areas of cluster concentration in Mazovia. The Letter of Intent on establishing the cluster was signed on 26 March 2014 at the headquarters of the Marshall's Office in Warsaw by representatives of  business, research, academic, administration, business support institutions and NGO’s. The objective of the Mazovian Chemical Cluster is to improve the competitiveness and growth potential of innovative companies in the chemical industry through exchange of knowledge and experience with R&D sector, cooperation with linked branches (e.g. transport and logistics, wastes management and recycling, training providers engineering and design services, information technology and telecommunication) to achieve maximum business benefits for the members of the cluster. Its mission is to increase the competitiveness of companies from chemical branch by developing of innovative technologies and environmental-friendly products in cooperation with science universities from the Mazovia region.

More information on the Mazovian Chemical Cluster is available on: www.klasterchemiczny.com

For detailed information on cluster initiatives, please contact our Projects and Development Department.

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