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History of PPPT
The initial step towards the functioning of PPPT was an agreement signed on 7th November 2003 between PKN ORLEN and the Municipality of Płock which set out the principles of co-operation and mutual obligations within the PPPT project.

On 14th July 2004 PKN ORLEN and the Municipality of Płock each acquired a 50 per cent stake in PPPT S.A. – a joint stock company named Płocki Park Przemysłowo-Technologiczny Spółka Akcyjna (The Płock Technological and Industrial Park). On 2nd November 2004, the Presidents of Płock and PKN ORLEN together with the Rector of the Płock Branch of the Warsaw School of Science and Technology entered into an agreement on R & D co-operation within the PPPT project.

30th December 2004 marked an agreement between PPPT S.A. and the Industrial Development Agency regarding the financing, from EU funds of the first infrastructure undertakings. More than a year later, on 5th January 2006 PPPT S.A. officially opened its Administration Centre and welcomed its first 13 investors.

On 5th December 2006 the PPPT development project with a CAPEX of over PLN 122 million was placed on the list of the key projects of the Regional Operational Programme of the Mazovian Province 2007-2013, co-financed from the EU funds.

In July 2007 PPPT S.A. began the sale of the first investments grounds for industrial investors, and in November 2007 the Company awarded 1st prize in the Mazovia Province initiative in the 2nd National Contest “The Golden Sites 2007”. The contest was organized by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.

Since February 2008, Academic Business Incubator has been operating in PPPT premises. Its mission is to provide comprehensive support for students and graduates with starting up a business activity.

At present, PPPT S.A. offers approximately 200 hectares of investment grounds, of which 130 have been equipped with all the supply, utility, media and facility infrastructure necessary for doing business. The net cost of the investments made in 2005 and 2006 totalled EUR 11.1 million.
PPPT’s clients are either residents of the administration centre or investors located in the investment areas, representing a wide-range of industrial, production and service businesses.
At present, PPPT is carrying an investment process of building the Corporate Services Centre and Central Laboratory – modern buildings for investors offering BPO/SSC and R & D services.

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