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Who we are
The Płock Industrial and Technological Park is a functional and investment area offering grounds and facilities for industry, technology and R & D. According to our motto: “All business in one place” the staff of the Park are making efforts every day to create a better place for business and technology development in Płock, ready to facilitate contacts both with local and global clients.
Currently, around 130 hectares of the investment grounds located within administrative borders of the city of Płock are equipped with all the media and facilities necessary for running businesses of various types. When planning investment in Płock you can expect professional help including technical and technological support, as well as comprehensive pre-investment assistance.
Together with the Łódź Special Economic Zone we have joined efforts to convert the PPPT’s investment grounds III – VI into a special economic zone, as a result of which investors would be entitled to an income tax holiday.

For many we have already become a Park of New Opportunities. Contact us and see how good your business will feel here.

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