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Elektrobudowa S.A.
​Elektrobudowa is a joint stock company established in 1953 and provides comprehensive civil and construction services for energy sector. The company provides a complete range of construction and installation service executing projects for energy, petrochemical and mining industry as well as for public utility facilities built as a ‘turnkey investment’. It is also a leading producer and supplier of low and medium voltage switchgear facilities for power stations.

Since December 2010 Elektrobudowa has been the owner of a 0,5ha investment ground in the investment area No. III of PPPT. The company is proceeding with the construction of a production and assembly facilities along with office building. The project is valued up to PLN 1,5m.

Since December 2005 Elektrobudowa, with its Płock division dealing with industry sector, has rented office space in the Administration Centre of PPPT in Płock.

More information on: www.elektrobudowa.pl

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