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ORLEN Administracja Sp. z o.o.
​ORLEN Administracja specializes in complex administration services, including polygraphy and file keeping. The company also offers professional management of PKN ORLEN’s premises and real estate across the country. It supervises the refurbishment and maintenance of the buildings, as well as organizing removals and equipping of office spaces.

ORLEN Administracja also provides catering and hotel services. The company manages the Petrochemia Hotel together with a restaurant situated in the city centre of Plock. The flagship of ORLEN Administracja is the management of the Srebrna Palace – a distinguished estate, where PKN ORLEN’s Board meetings with key business partners and governmental delegations are held.

ORLEN Administracja serves 17 cities in Poland.

Since December 2005 ORLEN Administracja has rented office space in the Administration Centre of PPPT in Plock.

More information on: www.orlenadministracja.pl

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