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Clients of the Plock Industrial and Technological Park

ASE is a Polish engineering company specializing in investment projects in the area of industrial automatics and electro-technics in explosion endangered areas.

Elektrobudowa is a joint stock company established in 1953 and provides comprehensive civil and construction services for energy sector.

Laser-Met, a local company with its principal office in Płock, specializes in laser, plasma and flame cutting.

Data Park, a former Lumena Park, was established to provide technological and IT support to companies operating in PPPT and its nearest neighborhood.

ORLEN Administracja specializes in complex administration services, including polygraphy and file keeping.

ORLEN Księgowość specializes in accounting and book keeping services, as well as managing payrolls and inventories, as well as control and financial analyses.

ORLEN Projekt is one of the biggest and most experienced design offices in Poland, offering its services for industrial sector.

PCC Rokita, a member of international group PCC SE, is one of the leading chemical companies in Poland.

Politechnik, a private company established and operating in Płock since 1992, specializes in the manufacture of assembly facilities and welding tools.


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