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Grounds and facilities
​The Płock Industrial and Technological Park is an investment area covering approximately 200 hectares with a binding development plan dated 28 October 2003. All the investment grounds of PPPT are divided into eight areas aimed at administrative, production and industrial profiles.

Almost 130 hectares of the investment grounds are located within the administrative borders of the city of Płock and are equipped with all the media equipment and facilities necessary for running businesses of various types, including central heating, water supply, sewage system and telecommunication lines. Equipment of the remaining grounds is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2010.

All the investment areas are easily accessible through the roads from Płock, Włocławek, Płońsk and Ciechanów. An important supplement to public roads is an internal network of bitumen roads connecting the investment grounds. The network was constructed in 2005 – 2006 by PPPT S.A. with CAPEX of PLN 18 million from EU funds.

We do invite you to learn about the profile and characteristics of each investment area.
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