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Business incubation
Płock Industrial and Technological Park offers comprehensive support in strategic consulting and obtaining funds for development. We also provide comprehensive service of projects, which are in the conceptual stage, planned to be implemented by our clients and partners as well as by entities belonging to the Mazovian Chemical Cluster. PPPT also supports industrial and service profiled start-ups.

Within the programme of the Płock Industrial and Technological Park operates the Foundation of Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship (AIP). Its aim is to establish the proper conditions for young people and students to operate in the field of setting up and carrying on their own enterprise. A student or young person in the incubator can work as a department of the Foundation with his/her own sub account without official register a company. Thanks to a special pre-incubation programme, people interested in setting up their own business don’t have to register their companies immediately. Instead, they can use the legal personality of AIPs as well as their support. Thanks to that solution the costs of setting up the own company, paying taxes and accountancy will be covered by the Foundation. All costs covered by the Foundation are divided into the number of companies, which operate in the incubator, and paid, partly, by participants of the incubator from company’s incomes. AIP gives young entrepreneurs necessary office space and equipment thanks, which they can use to evolve into full, self-sufficient company. AIP offers complex law and financial advices. Thanks to that solution, young entrepreneurs won’t be afraid that law problems will stop their enterprises and they will learn how to resolve their problems in the future. The AIP Group associates also other entities interested in supporting and developing entrepreneurship, including AIP Business Link, Entrepreneurial Poland Foundation, AIP Seed Capital or Agency For Innovative Promotion. They all aim at making entrepreneurship a national feature of Polish people. They also focus on education, promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation-oriented attitudes as well as on discovering new and ambitious ideas. Other tasks of the Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship include carrying EU-financed projects.    

More information on the Academic Incubator of Entrepreneurship is available on: www.aipplock.inkubatory.pl 
Płock Industrial and Technological Park is also working to create a Technology and Innovation Incubator "Integratio", which aims to provide new entrepreneurs from the SME’s sector assistance in starting and running a company offering a product or service created as a result of the implementation of the new technology. The idea of the technology incubator is to create favorable conditions for the development of companies using modern technologies while working closely with scientific and research units. It will also be a good place for the development of spin-off type companies.

For detailed information on incubation services, please contact our Projects and Development Department.

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