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Płock Industrial and Technological Park is the owner of the Central Laboratory with a total usable area of about 6,500 thousand square meters – the largest analytical laboratory with a chemical profile in Poland and one of the biggest industrial laboratories in Europe in terms of size and capacity. The main user and operator of the facility is ORLEN Laboratorium, a company belonging to ORLEN Group, specialized in performing various analyzes of fuels, petroleum products, water, sewage, soil and air. The facility is located in the immediate vicinity of the PKN ORLEN’s main plant in Płock. The Central Laboratory program in a strategic partnership with ORLEN Laboratorium includes the creation within this facility for the refinery industry of perfectly equipped laboratories for the needs of conducting research and development activities with the possibility of using the specialized analytical infrastructure for didactic purposes. In laboratories with a surface space of approximately 3 thousand square meters, more than 200 analysts controls technological processes at PKN ORLEN in over 1,100 modern test stands with full social and technical back-up facilities through analysis of fuels, petrochemical products, oils, raw materials, inter-operational streams, bitumens, wastewater, sediments as well as analysis regarding the study of the work environment. The laboratory also provides services to external customers for research, scientific, development and implementation purposes.

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