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Cluster initiatives


Płock Industrial and Technological Park is also a co-founder, coordinator and leader of the Mazovian Chemical Cluster which was established in 2014. The idea of the founders of this initiative was the desire to create an institution that will support the development of the chemical sector so strong in the region. The main purpose of the cluster is to improve competitiveness and increase innovative potential of companies from the chemical sector by exchanging knowledge and experience with R&D institutions and cooperating with companies linked to this sector. A unique space of the cluster results in establishment of long-lasting relations, initiation of joint projects as well as stimulates pro- -innovative activity, supports experience sharing and competence raising. 10 industry groups operate under the cluster, among which the cosmetic group has become prominent. As one of the most innovative and developmental on the Polish market, it strives to create its own strategy of development. At present, more than 120 entities are members of the cluster. They represent entrepreneurs, research and development facilities, universities, administration, non-governmental organizations and business suport institutions. The Mazovian Chemical Cluster is active on international stage and participates inter alia in the works of Project Council of the European Chemical Regions Network (Rada Projektowa Europejskiej Sieci Reginów Chemicznych, ECRN) and the high standard of its activity is confirmed by the Silver Label of Cluster Management Excellence awarded by the European Secretariat of Cluster Analysis (ESCA).


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