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Investment grounds

The investment areas of the Płock Industrial and Technological Park are located in the direct environs of the refining and petrochemical facility of PKN ORLEN, ORLEN Group companies and main European and Polish production and service companies of the chemical industry. The areas are well communicated with the most important municipal agglomerations and economic centers of Central Poland. They also enjoy very convenient access from the Płock city center. The space for investors interested in having here their manufacturing facilities is covered by the local plan of spatial development and offers grounds profiled for production, storage, warehousing and services. The areas are fully equipped with all utilities: water, sewage, gas, central heating networks, telecommunication and electricity. The internal network of asphalt roads within the investment zone is connected directly to the municipal streets in 7 exit points, ensuring a smooth entering and leaving the areas. Offered plots are ready to invest and run business activity. They are suitable for investment projects of various sizes and with various levels of capital expenditure, as well as a different predicted employment scale. In the PPP-T investment areas companies from the following industries: chemical, chemical processing, general building, assembling, metalworking, heat-insulation and anticorrosion, hoses production, processing and distribution of steel, sale of parts for industry and agriculture, as well as machine and industrial appliance engineering have placed their undertakings.














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