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R&D projects
PPPT cooperates with renowned universities in Poland (Warsaw University of Technology, University of Warsaw, University of Warsaw Biological and Chemical Research Centre, Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Pawel Wlodkowic University College in Płock), research institutes (Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, National Centre for Nuclear Research, Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry, Institute of Industrial Design, Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology) as well as international organizations, including: European Chemical Regions Network (ECRN), US-Polish Trade Council, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) and the North East Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC).

Płock Industrial and Technological is also a member of Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry and Płock Area Chamber of Commerce. We also cooperate with Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, Mazovian Development Agency, Cooperation Fund Foundation, Polish Forum of Industrial and Technological Parks and Institute of Applied Technologies Development.

The matchmaking between science, research and business sector aims to commercialize the results of research and technology transfer from research and scientific units to companies, with the increase of business innovation. Thanks to cooperation with PPPT there is opportunity to participate in innovative and R&D projects under the new EU financial perspective for 2014-2020, based on the collaboration between entrepreneurs, R&D centres and scientific and academic units. It provides an effective transfer of knowledge from science to business in initiating and implementing research and development projects for industrial companies.

PPPT is also a co-author of the sectoral programme assumptions named Innochem and ChemBR, developed for the chemical sector.

The aim of the Innochem programme is to increase the number of innovative solutions in the chemical sector and to strengthen cooperation between research units and enterprises in the area of R&D activity of the widely understood Polish chemical sector. Preliminary guidelines of this programme has been welcomed by the National Research and Development Centre. In order to establish this programme we have started a close cooperation with Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry (subject matter partner) and PricewaterhouseCoopers Polska (consulting and analytical partner) leading to establish programme and the announcement of the first competitions in 2015.

ChemBR programme assumes the realization of measures for the development and implementation of innovative technologies, equipment, materials and products aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of the refinery and petrochemical industry in Poland and strengthen its position as a participant in the global market

PPPT is a member of the ECRN Project Council, whose mission is to create international links between the leading actors in the chemical industry among the ECRN member regions. The Council provides a forum to identify the challenges facing the chemical industry, as well as a platform for exchange of good practices. The newly established structure acts as a broker of projects and initiatives at European level. PPPT together with representatives of ECRN from the UK, Germany and Scotland are the authors of the European Training Networks project under the competition named Innovative Training Networks, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Horizon 2020, dedicated to building a network of training and educating young scientists

Płock Industrial and Technological Park is also a partner of the international research and development project NanoForce 2.0., which is coordinated by Chemie Cluster Bayern. The general objective of the project is to strengthen the existing potential in the technological areas focused on nanotechnology through foster the development and strengthening of the innovative nanotechnology network in Europe. The project partners comes from Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Germany.

For more detailed information on R&D projects, please contact our Projects and Development Department.

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