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Acceleration program

Acceleration program “Start in Park”

In collaboration with the Entrepreneurial Women Network, we have created a free program based on a compendium of modern knowledge necessary for the development of a company.

The Start in Park program aims to provide training, mentoring and advisory support to current or future entrepreneurs from the Subregion of Płock. Participants will have the opportunity to develop their business ideas, create and introduce new services or products to the market, and work on their competences in the field of running a business venture.

·        If your company has been operating for no more than 6 months or you just have an idea for a business, we invite you to join the Start in Park project.

Participation in the Program comes with the opportunity to win attractive cash prizes. During the finals, each idea will be assessed by a jury that will select three Program Laureates.​


Business mentoring:

  • 12 hours of mentoring and coaching with a dedicated mentor from the SPK Mentor Club + a dedicated book for mentoring work

Training in 4 areas:

  •  Marketing – 16h
  • Accounting and law – 16h
  • Management and fundraising – 16h
  • Sales – 16h

Soft skills training:

  • Workshop #IamRemarkable
  • Business mentoring
  • 12 management and planning tools + a planner


  • understanding the gist of business networking and its rules 
  • networking events


During the final Demo Day event, the work done by startups will be summarized and three Program Winners will be selected and awarded cash prizes by the jury:

1st  PLACE   5000 PLN

2nd PLACE   4000 PLN

3rd PLACE   3000 PLN


  • People with a business idea
  • People running a business or company, max. 6 months
  • People living in the Subregion of Płock or entrepreneurs operating in this area
  • People over 16 years of age

The program is addressed to max. 25 startups, understood as:

  •  Business projects without registered economic activity, initiated by the inhabitants of the Subregion of Płock
  • Young companies at the initial stage of development, with registered business activity in the Subregion of Płock - as at the date of submission of the recruitment form
  • new business projects implemented or planned to be implemented by experienced entities with registered business activity in the Subregion of Płock (as at the date of submission of the recruitment form).


Step 1: read the Regulations

Step 2: read the Privacy Policy​

Step 3: submit your application by clicking Apply



Project coordinator:

Marzena Kapuścińska

ocki Park Przemysłowo – Technologiczny S.A.

+48 24 364 45 30, Marzena.Kapuscinska@pppt.pl

Zdjęcie_Agnieszka.jpg ​
Project coordinator​:

Agnieszka Tomaszewska

Fundacja Przedsiębiorczości Kobiet





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