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Training and education


Płock Industrial and Technological Park offers a comprehensive package of own services for the development of entrepreneurship, such as advisory, training, information, business support and pro-innovation services. The goal of the program is to give full support for enterprises, partners and clients of PPP-T, aimed at improving the qualifications and competitiveness of entities cooperating with the Park, developing new companies and professionalizing management activities in existing business entities. Development services are implemented by PPP-T in cooperation with renowned and recognized institutions of the state and private sector. The most important element of the program is „THE MANAGER'S ACADEMY” – a series of workshops, trainings and conferences initiated by PPP-T for entrepreneurs, support for startups managers and people managing larger and smaller teams in companies. Speakers, trainers and experts from Poland and abroad were invited to  cooperate within the academy. They share knowledge and acquired skills in such areas as building key managerial competences, managerial coaching, presentations and public appearances (storytelling, acting workshops), developing creativity in the organization, emotional intelligence in the manager's work, action learning, strategy and goal setting, team building using experiential education, active reviewing in the organization, knowledge management in the organization by using modern technologies, innovation management and intellectual property, team management and employee engagement or crisis management in organization.


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