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A reliable and supportive partner

01-02-2017 | 

A reliable and supportive partner
Companies willing to invest in Płock can count on attractive self-government support programs, which include inter alia exemption from property tax. Investments may also be granted a status of a special economic zone (SSE), which enables entrepreneurs to apply for an exemption from income tax. Public aid in the form of exemption from income tax in special economic zones is one of the main investment incentives in Poland for domestic and foreign investors.  
Płock has joined an elite group of cities cooperating with the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (Polska Agencja Informacji i Inwestycji Zagranicznych, PAIiIZ), with whom it has signed a partnership agreement concerning joint marketing and promotional undertakings to strengthen the process of attracting new investors. Płock is the city where the only in this part of Europe and 11th in the world, International Training Centre for Local Public Administration of Central and Eastern Europe, operates. The centre is known as CIFAL and its mission is to promote cooperation under international projects and exchange of knowledge and experience between cities of countries from Central and Eastern Europe by participating in training and conferences.  
Płock can boast numerous awards and distinctions. In 2015 Europe Business Assembly (EBA) selected Płock as an attractive investment area and awarded it with a prestigious award – a certificate and flag of Prime Business Destinations (Najlepsze Kierunki Biznesowe). Moreover, in 2013 Płock was awarded the tile of “Friendly Commune” (“Przyjazna Gmina”) in “Municipality of industrial and service” category (“Gmina miejska o charakterze przemysłowo-usługowym”).

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