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Another investor to set up its business in the Płock Industrial and Technological Park

09-08-2010  News

​On 6th August 2010 PPPT SA concluded a preliminary real estate sale agreement for investment planned to be realized by PaChemTech Sp. z o.o. in the investment area No. III of PPPT.

PaChemTech, a newly established local company from the chemical sector with its principal office in Płock, is planning to build a facility producing packages of additives for fuels and additives for special applications and composing aviation gasoline along with laboratory and office building.

 The facilty will be located on the investment ground of an area ca. 1 ha in the investment area No. III of PPPT. Investment’s value amounts to minimum PLN 1.5 million and a number of new jobs declared amounts to ca. 15.

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