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Conference ‘Innovation in enterprises development’

22-10-2008  News

​On 21st October 2008 PPPT organized in Płock a scientific and technical conference devoted to innovation in enterprises development.
The conference was held under the patronage of Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry.

Conference topics covered the following issues:
• forms of innovative projects support,
• innovation in the chemical industry,
• management of creativity in innovative projects,
• technology transfer management,
• investment in innovative projects,
• projects financing from EU funds,
• creation of new market space.

Participants of the conference were representatives of industry, science, financial institutions and local and state governments.

Special emphasis was placed on the role of innovation in the chemical industry in the face of rapidly developing market changes, lack of engineering personnel, particularly for the chemical industry, transfer of innovative projects to the industry, effective management of innovative projects and the possibilities of obtaining EU funds.

Subject of the conference was very important, more particularly as the PPPT SA is a business environment institution, which creates and supports innovative projects, and the Education Centre Sp. z o.o., a company from PPPT capital group, educates staff for the chemical industry.
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