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General assembly of members of the Mazovian Chemical Cluster

05-04-2017  News

On March 29, 2017 Płock Industrial and Technological Park hosted the general assembly of members of the Mazovian Chemical Cluster. The meeting was open and was attended by representatives of all members of the Cluster (also advisory members who are not members of the Mazovian Chemical Cluster). Members summed up the activity of the Cluster in 2016. Goals and actions were also set for the 2017 with an emphasis on real benefits for members – entrepreneurs and scientific units.
Among the main challenges defined during the meeting were:
- renewal of the Silver Cluster Management Excellence Certificate
- striving for gaining the status of the Key Regional Cluster
- participation in public tasks dedicated to clusters
- development of other industry groups, eg. packaging group
- creation of value proposition
- product certification for cluster members
- successive refining the Cluster business model


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