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Grupa B4 invests in the Płock Industrial and Technological Park

28-04-2011  News

​Production facility with office building will be constructed on the investment ground of an area ca. 2.3 ha in the zone No. III of PPPT.
On 28 April 2011 the management board of PPPT SA finalized a transaction of real estate sale to another investor – Grupa B4 Limited Partnership.
Investor will build a facility producing lightweight finishing components for building industry along with office building and create ca. 200 new workplaces. The company has been lately granted a building permit and is planning to launch a construction works at the beginning of May 2011. According to the time schedule the production in the newly constructed facility will start at the beginning of 2012.
The estimated investment value amounts up to PLN 23 million. It was originally planned to be implemented in two stages, but it will be made completely in one step. In relation to the original plans investor also points the possibility of increasing the scale of investment due to the planned implementation of a further, innovative technology.
Grupa B4 will locate its facility and office building on the investment ground of an area ca. 2.3 ha in the investment zone No. III of PPPT.
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