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Guide to Active Reviewing – Dr. Roger Greenaway in PPPT

21-03-2017  News

On March 16, 2017 Płock Industrial and Technological Park hosted Dr. Roger Greenaway, who conducted a workshop "THE ENGAGING MANAGER - TOOLS FOR BETTER MEETINGS". It was another event organized by PPPT within the Academy for Managers. Roger Greenaway is the author of the method known as Active Reviewing. He teaches how to actively and consciously use the experience in personal and professional development. He works with managers from around the world. The participants of the workshop were given a wide repertoire of management tools that help to develop a team and engage it in solving problems, creative thinking and making decisions. 
The workshop covered such topics as:
• manager as a facilitator (active techniques involving the organization and effective meetings);
• innovation: the behavior and techniques to support innovative thinking;
• techniques of decision making;
• the use of experience: the future - the present and the future;
• feedback - its role in building effective team communication;
• transfer of methods to the working environment.

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