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Mazovian Chemical Cluster has launched its activity

15-05-2014  News

​A partnership agreement was signed during the meeting by the cluster members representing the business sector, research institutes, universities, business support institutions and NGOs. Agreement was concluded by 43 entities, including representatives of the business sector (25 enterprises), research sector (5 institutes), scientific sector (6 universities), and representatives of self-governmental entities, business support institutions and NGOs (7 entities).

The goal of the Mazovian Chemical Cluster is to increase the competitiveness of companies from Mazovia from the chemical industry by developing innovative technologies and environmentally friendly products, together with the science sector. Entities belonging to this cluster can receive support in matchmaking business and research partners, obtaining external funding, especially for innovation, promotion of entrepreneurs associated in a cluster in the country and abroad (foreign missions), and the coordination of joint ventures within the cluster (group purchasing), which will undoubtedly have an impact on improving competitiveness and innovative capacity of enterprises in the chemical industry.

Establishment of the Mazovian Chemical Cluster is the result of the meetings and work of the “chemistry trade group” within the system project of the Mazovian Governmental Authorities entitled “Mazovian Network of Advisory Centres for Innovation MSODI - Support for cluster initiatives”. The main objective of the project was to stimulate the development of the idea of clustering through the support of the institutions involved in the implementation of cluster policy in relation to the diagnosed areas of concentration cluster in Mazovia.

Letter of intent on establishing the Cluster was signed on 26 March 2014.


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