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Official opening ceremony of the ethoxylation plant in the Płock Industrial and Technological Park

20-05-2011  News

​On 19th May 2011 PCC Exol officially launches production in its new ethoxylation facility in the investment zone No. VIII of PPPT.
The plant has been put into operation after nearly two and a half years of the investment process. The value of the investment reached approx. 60 million PLN. Facility’s production capacity is 30,000 metric tons of non-ionic surfactants (surface-active substances) per year. It was build based on the best available technology and in accordance with environmental protection rules and process safety standards.

 Products from the newly built plant will be further processed in the new sulphonation facility located on the premises of PCC Rokita SA in Brzeg Dolny, and as the intermediary products, they will be used for the manufacture of household chemicals and personal hygiene cosmetics. They can be also used as moisture agents, emulsifiers and additives in paper, textile and metalworking industries.

 The plant is operating within the investment ground of the total area of approx. 3,5 ha, located in a direct neighbourhood of the refining and petrochemical facility of PKN ORLEN SA. Ethylene oxide, which is the basic raw material for the production of ethoxylates, will be delivered by pipeline from PKN ORLEN’s installations.

 Modern ethoxylation plant is the first stage of the PCC Exol’s activity in Płock and depending on the production results, its further expansion is expected to be realized in the forthcoming years.

 According to the agreement signed between PPPT SA and PCC Rokita SA on 30th January 2006, investment zone No. VIII of the Płock Industrial and Technological Park is designated exclusively for the location of ethoxylation plant and further operations of the PCC Rokita subsidiary companies.

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