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Płock Industrial and Technological Park began cooperation with scientific centers

12-03-2014  News

The document, which will help to create a R&D center on the initiative of PPPT, was signed on March 10th.

The agreement with the University of Warsaw and its affiliated unit - the Biological and Chemical Research Centre, was signed in the new headquarters of the Centre in Warsaw. The Centre conducts advanced research and development studies in the field of chemistry and biology. After the official part a meeting was held with academic personnel represented by heads of laboratories and university deans to discuss their needs and research activities, which may interest the partners and customers the Park, including PKN ORLEN. Another agreement was concluded with Warsaw University of Technology and its subsidiary in Płock.

According to the agreement cooperation between PPPT and the University of Warsaw and Warsaw University of Technology will be focused on activities aimed at the creation and development of business processes based on new technologies and innovative R&D projects, as well as on building relations with industry and increasing the competitiveness of enterprises.
The synergy between the potential of leading Polish scientific centers and Płock Industrial and Technological Park may result in joint activities that could benefit industrial companies, in particular taking up initiatives related to the design and implementation of research and development studies.

In the opinion of PPPT the future actions under the support programme of the inventiveness of companies in the chemical sector require the creation of scientific and industrial consortia. These actions are connected with Innochem and ChemBR sectoral programmes dedicated for the refinery and petrochemical industry, developed by PPPT in cooperation with the National Center for Research and Development. The cooperation between business sector and science in the form of consortia is also the guiding principle for projects generating innovation with the possibility of gaining EU funds in a new perspective 2014-2020 and the international programme Horizon 2020.​

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