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PPPT S.A. has started co-operation with Police Infrapark and Zakłady Chemiczne „POLICE”

02-10-2009  News

​On 30th October 2009 PPPT S.A. signed the letter of intent with Police Infrapark S.A. and Zakłady Chemiczne „POLICE” S.A.
According to the letter Płock Industrial and Technological Park, Infrapark Police and Zakłady Chemiczne „POLICE” expressed their will to work together in order to create and develop business processes based on modern technologies, innovative R&D projects and, using their potentials, to build sustainable partnership for development of chemical industry.

Co-operation covers such areas as mutual exchange of experiences related to the activity of industrial and technology parks, preparation and implementation of projects co-financed from EU funds, exchange of information on the possibilities of attracting the investors and the promotion of the offer of PPPT S.A., Infrapark Police and Zakłady Chemiczne „POLICE” among the various businesses, particularly those associated within the "Green Chemistry" Chemical Cluster.

Actions defined in the letter of intent are aimed at development of knowledge transfer and initiatives carried out in the chemical sector.

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