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PPPT actively supports startups


On September 29, 2017 a presentation of the InWill company was held at PPPT premises, which is operating within the Płock Industrial and Technological Park. This start-up offers innovative next generation lithium-ion battery with low weight and short charge time, mainly for use in places with small areas. The company is in the final phase of the "ScaleUp" project organized by TechBrainers. Completion of the project is scheduled for the end of October 2017. Within the project start-up acquired 200,000 PLN, which were spent on product testing and launching patent protection. TAURON and its daughter company Tauron Magenta are the contents partners.  
At present, InWill has developed test versions of innovative battery of a capacity up to 7KW with potential use as a photovoltaic energy storage. TAURON declares its willingness to continue to cooperate in developing products based on InWil’s solutions. The company was also invited to the R&D Summit held on September 12 in Warsaw, where it was chosen as one of the most promising in the industry.



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