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PPPT began cooperation with the North East of England Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC)

26-06-2014  News

​The scope of future cooperation covers mainly joint actions on the creation and development of business processes based on modern technologies, innovative R&D projects, effective management of clusters and building strong international partnership as well as increasing the competitiveness of industrial enterprises through their internationalization.

Selection East of England Process Industry Cluster as a cooperation partner was dictated mainly by NEPIC’s profile and range of its activity. NEPIC is a membership organization working with the region’s chemistry using industries – commodity chemicals, fine & speciality chemicals, polymers and composites, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, bioresources, biofuels and renewable energy and low carbon materials. Over the past twelve months membership of NEPIC has grown considerably, we now have over 420 members companies and over 120 associate member companies, making by far and away the strongest most influential body this regions process sector has ever seen. The also cluster gives the best advice on how to gain public sector funding for investment and R&D projects.

Cooperation with NEPIC fulfills also the main goal of activity of the Mazovian Chemical Cluster, coordinated by the Płock Industrial and Technological Park, as its mission is to build links with international partners, including organizations from the EU, operating in the field of innovative and R&D projects.

Letter with NEPIC was concluded on the initiative and cooperation between PPPT and Mazovia Development Agency.

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