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PPPT cooperates with Institute of Industrial Design

18-03-2014  News

​The purpose of the signed agreement of cooperation is mainly to implement joint research activities and innovative projects in the field of design development and introduction of new design products into the industrial market. The signatories assume that thanks to their cooperation, many entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to apply for funding under the competition from the European Union, the National Center for Research and Development and the Horizon 2020 programme. Partners also plan to organize joint training workshops, seminars, scientific and business conferences in order to integrate science and business and to present innovative products as well good practices of design.
- Cooperation of both parties also provides the ability to engage staff of the Institute, such as constructors, engineers, designers in the project activities related to the development of methodology for implementation of innovative design solutions for industry. We also plan to conduct audits of product and process design management in enterprises, which are partners and clients of the Płock Industrial and Technological Park - concludes Michał Luczewski, President of the Board of PPPT SA.


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