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PPPT in Płock Business Assembly




Płock Industrial-Technological Park was one of exhibitors at the first Płock Business Assembly. The event took place on May 24, 2019 in “Technician House” Conference Centre “Dom Technika” in Płock. The organiser of the assembly was Chamber of Commerce of Płock Region (IGRP).
During the event aiming at local businesses, in the exhibitional part companies and organisations of Płock region, Sierpc and Gostynin were featured. At the same time the assembly participants of the substantive part could participate in debates and meetings focused on balanced development topic and business role in development of Płock region. The remaining topics of the lecture concerned, among other things, qualifications of employees’ “soft” skills for an entrepreneur’s business and a company promotion. During the assembly were also held consultations with a team of experts from ZUS, US, PIP and Job Departments – county’s, municipal’s and provincial.
The organization of the first Płock Business Assembly was inspired by the idea of creating specific marketing activities and promotion of their own products and service sale.

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