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PPPT joins the Project Council of the European Chemical Regions Network (ECRN)

18-04-2014  News

​The ECRN Project Council will leverage inputs from delegates representing e.g. chemical clusters, regional innovation net-works, associations, research centers or other institutions and provide a concrete tool-box for accelerating sustainable value creation in Europe’s chemical regions. The aim is to bring together regional actors working towards European or joint projects in the field of chemicals and help them to optimize their regional projects and activities by upgrading them on a European level. The ECRN Project Council is thus not just another collaboration platform, but a powerful forum for developing inter-regional project portfolios. Initiatives incubated through the Council benefit from the support of regional authorities, which is an asset for achieving sustainable, long-term results.

Invitation to participate in the works of the Council was addressed to PPPT SA by Adam Struzik, the Marshal of the Mazovian Region. Mazovia will be represented by Michal Luczewski, President of the Board of PPPT SA with PhD. Eng. Marzena Majzner from the Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology, Technical University of Warsaw, Branch in Płock, a strategic partner of PPPT. These participants ensure close cooperation between business and science in developing the best solutions for the chemical industry.

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