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PUPH Politechnik launches construction works for building production hall with a warehouse and offices

21-10-2009  News

​On 17th October 2009 PUPH Politechnik started construction works for building production facility within investment zone No. III of PPPT.
Production hall with a warehouse and offices of estimated value of minimum PLN 4,5 million is to be constructed within the investment plot of 1ha. According to the schedule of construction investment will be completed by the end of June 2010. The investment will create 23 jobs, including 10 new jobs.
 The new plant will produce specialized equipment for transporting containers. Investment has been co-financed from EU funds under Priority I. Creating conditions for the development of innovative capacity and entrepreneurship in Mazovia, Measure 1.5. Development of entrepreneurship.
 PUPH Politechnik is a private company established and operating in Płock since 1992. The company specializes in the manufacture of assembly facilities and welding tools. It also produces elements of specialized machinery and metal construction. In addition, Politechnik’s offer includes machining and plastic treatment.

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