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Transfer of ownership of real estate to the NEO-TEC Sp. z o.o.

05-03-2010  News

​On 4th March 2010 PPPT SA concluded a final real estate sale agreement for investment planned to be realized by NEO-TEC Sp. z o.o.
NEO-TEC investment in the Plock Industrial and Technological Park is directly related with company’s development plans towards advanced and specialized technologies in the field of rotating machinery. NEO-TEC is planning to build a production and service facility with accompanying infrastructure for balancing rotors on nominal rotations. It will be located on the investment ground of an area ca. 0.8 ha in the investment zone No. III of PPPT.

 The company operates in the mechanical and engineering sector in the area of renovation and modernization of critical machines applied in chemical, petrochemical and refining industry. It also manufactures specialized parts for turbines, compressors and pumps.

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