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Regulations of supporting new investments in Poland


Płock and Płock region have become an important element of the investment incentives system based on regulations on supporting new investments. New regulations allow tax exemptions for investors for 10-15 years in the whole country now, unlike in the past when only the grounds located in the borders of Special Economic Zones. Not only big but also smaller companies can use the incentives. The conditions set to receive help are conditioned by, among many, unemployment rate in the county and the extent of the entrepreneur. New investment implementation support is granted in a form of income tax exemption. It is granted in a process of making a decision “decision about support,” which is delivered to local entrepreneurs by The Lodz Special Economic Zone.

That is why, in the name of Płock Industrial and Technological Park (PPP-T) and The Lodz Special Economic Zone (ŁSSE) I have the honours to invite you in the name of the Administration of PPPT to take part in the informational meeting for entrepreneurs regarding regulations of supporting new investments in Poland. The event will take place in March 29, 2019 at 9:30 A.M. in the headquarters of Płock Industrial and Technological Park at Ignacego Łukasiewicza 39 Street, Corporative Services Centre building, conference room, groundfloor.

We’ve prepared for you a programme, in which the experts of the Lodz Special Economic Zone will introduce to you conditions of receiving income tax exemption and regulations of effective use of such an important investment.

We sincerely ask you to confirm your arrival to the meeting until March 27, 2019 via e-mail (send confirmations to michal.dzierzawski@pppt.pl  or call 24 364-03-56). Contact us in case you have any questions or demand any detailed information regarding the event.

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