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Incubator in PPPT


We accelerate the start of your business! The incubator of the Płock Industrial and Technological Park starts this autumn.

Recruitment for the Mazovian Entrepreneurship project begins. It is a comprehensive business supporting program for entrepreneurs from the Mazovian Province.

The project coordinator is the Płock Industrial and Technological Park that supports Płock’s entrepreneurs in the development of their business dreams. The coordinator helps creating an ecosystem of supporting start-ups in the Mazowsze Płock region. The project is co-financed from the budget of the Mazovian Province.

“Due to the lack of proper business preparation, difficulties in access to business infrastructure and the latest marketing techniques and ways of entering the market, start-ups have difficulties in achieving success and developing their ideas. Among other things, this is the cause of numerous falls of innovative companies at the very start of their adventure with business” – project coordinator Tomasz Wysocki, says. “In the first stage of the project, we are going to organize 5 inspirational meetings. We have also planned solutions for entrepreneurs from outside of the largest cities, in the form of webinars in which you will be able to take part online without leaving home. At this stage, we will wait for notifications of business ideas”.
Participants qualified for the next stage will gain skills during business trainings and courses supported by numerous experts. They will also participate in an individual mentoring process adapted to their needs, photo session and expert consultations in the field of law, taxes, company financing in order to increase the chances of implementing solutions on the market. The project will be finished with the selection of two best ideas during the event in Warsaw. There will be financial rewards from the budget of the Mazovian Province, promotional and PR support, and invitation for further discussions with partner companies that can be implemented and with investment funds.
The project can be attended by people without a registered business activity and new entrepreneurs in the initial stage of development, having registered business activity in the Mazovian Province, operating no longer than 3 years.
Business outlines are sought in the field of:
-Modern services for business: business projects offering business support mechanisms, tailor-made services for individual needs of clients.
- Improving the quality of life: technological and organizational solutions used to provide social services, in particular in the areas of education, health, safety, work and leisure.
- Actions aimed at stimulating social innovations, development of social capital.

To find more about the Entrepreneur Mazovian Province, complete the application form: https://przedsiebiorczemazowsze.pl


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